Providing value based education in emerging fields which are locally relevant, globally compatible and skill oriented, to the rural youth at graduate, post-graduate and research levels, leading to their holistic development, thereby contributing to the process of nation building.


  • To build up a learner-friendly, eco-friendly academic environment.
  • To offer innovative quality education in emerging fields with flexibility in curriculum and teaching - learning process.
  • To concentrate on research activities, aiming at local, national and global recognition.
  • To nurture a student-centered teaching-learning culture by judicious use of ICT.
  • To promote personality development and inculcate habits of self -reliance.
  • To inculcate the habit of learning among the rural youth.
  • To get learners interested in national and international issues and involve them in nation-building activities.
  • To foster holistic development of character by instilling the spirit of social service and social justice through group activities.
  • To encourage first-generation learners and those from marginalized groups and ensure gender equality