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Dr.Kavitha Subramanian M.Com., M.Phil., Ph.D., LLB

I am happy to welcome you to this portal.What you see in the pages of the site is only a sampling of what is in store for you once you join us.We seek to build up a tradition of excellence and dedicated effort in the cause of higher education .

You will do well to go through our Vision and Mission statements with care. They are no mere verbiage ,but flagposts that guide us in all our endeavours.We want you to emerge from our portals as full human beings endowed with all the qualities of head and heart that will fit you into society and make you an agent of socio-political change to usher in a new earth and a new sky for all humanity ,wherein ,as Tagore envisaged ,narrow walls will crumble to awaken humanity to the Upanishadic vision of Vasudeva kudumbakam

It is our endeavour to build up a synthesis of eastern philosophy and western pragmatism.This campus will train your intelligence,intellect and emotions,enrich your personality and shape you to your full potential.

It is this humanistic crusade that has nourished our institution to its present ambience. I welcome you to the J.J experience .Once in ,you will see the change.You will take wings and fly to your destination. We will help you to fly in the right direction. You will definitely home in to cheer us .We will care for you; together we will care for the world.