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Mr.N.Subramanian B.Sc., LLB, PGDip in Mgt (Australia)

I welcome you to this portal .As you browse through ,you will see that we look upon education as a man-making endeavour.Our perspective is on the holistic development of the human personality.

We seek to establish a life-long association with our students.To this end,we provide the best infrastructure, adopt learner-centred policies and programmes and invite all stake-holders to participate in the adventure of teaching-learning—in fact all pedagogic processes from curriculum –design to methods of evaluation.

We provide the maximum scope for individual enterprise without compromising on the ideals of social and national commitment.

With the advent of autonomy consequent on our long association with the NAAC,we seek to attain and sustain exacting standards of excellence through comparison and emulation.We are determined to fare forward ,fully conscious of the social responsibilities we have to discharge .