New Dimensions in Microbiome Research

   The Department of  Microbiology  of  J.J. College of Arts and Science (Autonomous) Sivapuram, Pudukkottai with the sponsorship of  the CSIR, New Delhi, has organized a Two Day National Symposium on New Dimensions in Microbiome Research (NDMR, 2018) on 27th and 28th September, 2018.
   The Inaugural Session was at 10.00 a.m on 27.09.2018 Dr. Kavitha Subramanian, Management Trustee, Karpaga Vinayaga Educational Trust, presided over the function. Dr. G. Venkateswaran, Chief Scientist and Head, Microbiology and Fermentation Technology Department, Central Food Technological Research Institute (CSIR-CFTRI), Mysuru, delivered the Inaugural Address and released the Souvenir. In his speech, he detailed the various dimensions of Microbiome Research and pointed out the recent trends in the field.
   Mr. N. Subramanian, Secretary, Karpaga Vinayaga Educational Trust, received the first copy of the souvenir.
   Earlier, Dr. J. Parasuraman, Principal welcomed the gathering and finally Dr. P. Jeevan, Head, Department of Microbiology and Co-ordinator (Research) proposed the vote of thanks.
   In the technical session that followed Dr.G.Venkateswaran spoke on‘Good Fat for Good Health’, dispelling the popular superstition   that all fats are bad. In fact, good fats like omega 3 and omega 6 and fatty acids are essential for good health and can cure chronic diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, arthritis and even heart disease.   This was followed by a presentation session in which 15 Research Papers were presented and discussed.
   In the afternoon session Dr.S.Babu, Assistant Professor, Department of Zoology, Rajah Serfoji Government College (Autonomous), Thanjavur, spoke on Bioremediation stressing the impact of environmental pollution through industrial and commercial effluents and urgent need to detoxify harmful chemicals. In this, bioremediation using algae and fungi has an important role to play and so is worthy of scholarly multidisciplinary attention.

Day 2
   While the Inauguration and the first plenary and paper / poster presentation sessions were held on 27th September 2018, the third and fourth plenary sessions and the valediction were held on 28th September 2018.
   Dr.J.Jeyakandhan, Professor and Head, Chair person, Department of Bioinformatics, Alagappa University, Karaikudi, delivered the Third Plenary Lecture on Protein Structure Determination and its importance in Drug Discovery. In his speech he stressed the therapeutic value of proteins and he processes of proteins and their analyzing the chemical structure of proteins and the processes of proteins and their reaction with disease causing chemicals.
    In the Fourth plenary Lecture Dr.N.Sivakumar, Assistant professor, Department of Microbiology, Madurai Kamaraj University spoke on ‘Quorum quenching  : New strategy to combat Bacterial Pathogenesis’. He underlined the importance of Quorum sensing in Bacterial studies. Quorum sensing regulates sporulation, growth antibiotic production as well as the interactions among microbes and hosts. He also introduced the concepts of LAS and RHL systems and their role in Quorum sensing. The Fifth plenary Lecture was by  Dr.N.Thajuddin, Professor and Head, Dept. of Microbiology, Dean, Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology sciences, Bharathidsan University, Tiruchirappalli. In his talk on ‘Micro algae and Cyanobacteria, he pointed out how they constitute a valuable source of human nutrients and have nanobiological applications.
   In the valedictory Dr.N.Thajuddin distributed the certificates to the participants. Dr.P.Jeevan, Head, Department of Microbiology proposed the vote of thanks.