International Webinar on “Culture Theory”

The P.G. and Research Department of English, J.J. College of Arts and Science (Autonomous), Sivapuram, Pudukkottai organized an International Webinar in “Culture Theory” on Friday 26.02.2021.

The Resource Person was Prof. Shishir  Kumar Bhusal, Head, Department of Major Arts, St.Xavier’s College, Nepal.

In his lecture he outlined the various dimensions of Culture Theory and its relevance to literary and artistic studies.  He focused on post-modern literary and cultural theories and the way,  they are reflected in narrative and dramatic art.  The post-modern mission is to bring out the variety and futility of all grand or mega narratives.  Life is nebulous and baffles all concrete hard and fast formulae and ideologies.  This is reflected in the formal and generic experimentations that are part of post-modern artistic expressions.  They are rare specimens of the human attempt to give form to what is essentially formless.  In short post-modern technique is a journey to a destination, that is ever shifting.

Earlier Prof.S.Selvi, Head, Department of English welcomed the audience and introduced the Resource Person as a highly, scholarly but unassuming person.  After the lecture, there was a question and answer session, in which, Mr. Bhusal clarified the doubts raised by the students and staff, with a sense of humour.  Finally Mr. R.Aravindh, Assistant Professor of English proposed the vote of thanks.