Department of Biotech - Virtual Conference

J.J College conducted one day "Virtual Conference" Managing COVID-19: Experts share insights on tackling the disease
A one day virtual conference,Will the COVID 19 Disruption Develop or Dismantle? Challenges and Therapeutic Strategies was inaugurated on saturaday (20.06.2020) by The Wilmut Club of Biotechnology, J.J. College of Arts and Science, Pudukkottai under the aegis of the college's Biotechnology department to highlight the challenges posed by the COVID-19 disease and various therapeutic methods employed to contain the pandemic. The conference was a literal converge of doctors, scientists and educationalists for a step forward in finding a solution to the issue.
The conference was aimed at identifying the main challenges and good practices related to preventing and countering the spread of the coronavirus and involved two highly intellectually provoking lectures by Dr. Chandrakumar Natarajan, Senior Consultant and Head, Dept. of Neonatalogy, Kanchi Kamakoti Childs Trust Hospital, Chennai and Dr. D. Sivaraman, Scientist and Head, Centre for Laboratory Animal Technology and Research, Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai.
Dr. Chandrakumar briefed the participants by highlighting the mechanism of the coronavirus inside the body and on how it brings along the immune response from the host.
He further stated that the pandemic has to be controlled by using various biotechnological strategies and other methods that could be used during the course of recovery. The spotlight of Dr.Sivaraman's talk was on the different therapeutic strategies involved in the treatment of this disease with reference to the medical and social aspects of treatment associated with it.
He also gave information on the risk- benefit analysis of many drugs like hydroxychloroquinone and other vaccines. He opined his view that the virus is gradually fading away due to the coordinated efforts of doctors, scientists, educationists and researchers who are working round the clock in tackling the virus. Many participants from various colleges and universities attended the conference. Both the lecture sessions were followed by questionnaires by the enthusiastic participants.
Earlier, the sessions were opened with the welcome address by Dr. G.Manigandan, Head of the department and Mrs. P.Priyadarshini, Assistant Professor, who emphasized that the conference holds significance as the need of the hour is to have a proper debate on this issue. They stressed on the importance of holding such scientific conferences emphasizing the need to conserve and protect the world through various initiatives. The formal vote of thanks were given by Dr. V. Jayaramanathan, Assistant Professor and Dr. V. Subramanian, Assistant Professor from the department, respectively in each session.