Future and Trends of Block chain Technology

A One day Special Lecture was conducted by the Department of Computer Science (Cyber Tech Association), J.J College of Arts & Science (Autonomous) at 10.30 am on 02.08.2022 (Tuesday).

Ms.R.Divya Sopna Assistant Professor, Shanmuganathan Engineering College, Arasampatti, Pudukkottai was the guest lecture & delivered a talk on "Future and Trends of Block chain Technology"

She started her talk by specifying the Quick facts about Block chain that it will support the global movement and tracking of $2 trillion of goods and services annually. She also briefed out a prelude for Block chain.

She clearly specified the Block chain spectrum with suitable example. She also elaborated on how many blocks are in a Block chain, how a block is created in Block chain and the main elements of a block in Block chain.

She listed out the applications of Block chain like Bit coin, Digital ID’s, voting, healthcare, law enforcement, banking, online music. She also explained about how to time-stamp a digital document and also the step by step working of Block chain.

She also listed out the types of Block chain technology to be as permission-less and permissioned. She pointed out the top certificate courses on Block chain like Block chain technology, Certified Block chain Expert, Certified Block chain security Expert, Block chain specification etc.,

She also insisted the career opportunities in Block chain which comprises Core block chain developer, Block chain Application Developer, Block chain Project Manager and Block chain quality Engineer. She was also clear in specifying the enterprises which are implementing Block chain Technology like tracking, e-commerce, data protection, transportation, health care. Finally she listed out the Block chain frame work and software like Ethereum, IBM Block chain, Big Chain DB and C++, Java, Python respectively.

Earlier S. Devipriya of III B.Sc. Computer Science welcomed the gathering, R. Abirami proposed the vote of thanks, M.Dhanuja did Master of Ceremony, Dr. S.Sudha Vice principal and Head of the Department introduced the guest and the arrangements were made by the faculty members of the Department.