International webinar - Employability and Career Skills

The PG and Research Department of English, JJ College of Arts and Science (Autonomous), Sivapuram, Pudukkottai  conducted an  International webinar on ‘Employability and Career Skills’ on 19th and 20th June 2020.

                On the 19th the programme took off by 9a.m. Ms.S.Selvi, Head of the Department of English introduced the topic of the seminar and welcomed the resource person for the first session. Mrs.Sowmya Siranjeevinathan,  Data and Analytics Consultant.  Adastra Corporation, Toronto, Canada spoke on the methodology of preparing for  and cracking the IELTS examination that serves as a passport to overseas jobs in MNCs and global concerns. She underlined the need for sustained effort and constant practice and well -focused preparation. She discussed a few testing items with the participants who felt demystified and got inspired to try their hand at the IELTS. The question-answer session showed this newly awakened enthusiasm and confidence.

                In the second session, Mr.G.Rajkumar, HCL Technologies, Consultant-Networks, Chennai spoke on Personality Development and Soft skills. He pointed out how there is no magic wand with which to acquire a well -balanced personality and proficiency in soft skills. It was all a matter of slow and steady acquisition of right traits and habits of behavior and the simultaneous acquisition of communication and behaviourial skills. That is why university curricula include soft skills training. He called upon the participants to cultivate right habits of behavior and self -expression and team work. The day concluded with a vote of thanks by Ms.S.Selvi, Head of the Department of English.

                On the next day (20.06.2020) the session started at 9.00 o’ clock with an introductory speech by Ms.S.Selvi, Head of the Department of English. She introduced the speaker of the day, Mr.S.Vinodhan, Senior Technical Consultant, Sony Music Entertainment, New York, USA.  She spoke on Interview skills and Job readiness. Starting with the writing of resumes, their structure and the procedure for emails he went on to outline various strategies to meet interviews and get placement. He stressed the need to look one’s best and be one’s best during an interview. He also outlined the stages in an interview and gave some practical tips to answer specific queries. He also emphasized the need for the candidate to forecast possible questions and ways of answering them. It was a very useful session and he clarified many points raised by the audience with great resourcefulness and offered to be in touch with the audience through email if they had any further queries.

                The webinar was well attended and concluded with the vote of thanks by Ms.S.Selvi, Head, Department of English.