“An Overview of Organic Reaction Mechanism” - Department of Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry J.J. College of Arts and Science (Autonomous), Sivapuram, Pudukkottai organized a special lecture on “An Overview of Organic Reaction Mechanism” by Dr.S.Antony Sakthi, Department of Chemistry, St.Joseph’s College (Autonomous), Tiruchirappalli at 10.30 a.m. on 25.02.2020.

In his lecture the pointed out the basic concept of Organic Reaction Mechanism include reaction intermediate and methods of determining reaction mechanism by Thermodynamic and Kinetics aspects. He explained in details about how the organic reaction takes place by the bond cleavage and various reactions occurs in the reaction. He listed out the organic Reaction mechanism pathway can be analyzed by intermediate, product analysis and stereo chemical studies etc.. In this lecture he explained the organic synthesis very important role in synthesis of new compound by using solvent. By using various solvent we can derived various compounds from starting materials. From the organic synthesis the number of medicinal, Industrial product can be obtained and this structure can be analyzed by using spectroscopic, chromatographic technique. He pointed out that when reaction takes place, reaction follow the Nucleophilic, Electrophilic, Addition and elimination reaction.

Finally he pointed out by using organic synthesis we can prepared various organic products and these structure can be determined spectroscopic technique. By studying organic reaction mechanism he listed out the job opportunities available in the field of chemist and Research and Development.

Earlier Dr.C.Muthukumar, Head of the Department introduced the Chief Guest. J.Karthikeyan of III B.Sc. Chemistry welcomed the gathering, R.Ramesh of III B.Sc. Chemistry proposed the vote of thanks.