Entrepreneurial Skill Development - Department of Commerce with Computer Applications

The Booms Club of the Department of Commerce with Computer Applications of JJ College of Arts and Science (Autonomous), Sivapuram, Pudukkottai organized a lecture-demonstration session on Entrepreneurial Skill Development at 10.30 am on Tuesday (12/07/2022).

The Resource person was Mrs.Rajamaheswari Kamaraj, Managing Partner, Jayam Industries , Engineering Fabricators, Thanjavur. In her highly informative and motivational speech she spoke at length on all Entrepreneurial and managerial attitudes and aptitudes covering all areas of business from inception to profit allocation.

She outlined the functioning of various funding agencies and their policies, programmes and modus of granting loans and advances. She reminded students of the need for forethought and forward planning in every field .

Starting and running a business enterprise required skills in both man and material management. A good entrepreneur should have a keen awareness of the market and the changes happening there. He should also have a keen perception of the directions of government policy and the changing patterns in the tax regime.

This expects the able entrepreneur to update himself everyday. Confidence and a well informed mind are the keys to successful entrepreneurship. Finally she pointed out that gender is no bar to entrepreneurial success. One should also remember "Entreprenerus are not born but made with assiduous effort".

Dr.S.Adaekalavan presided over the session, Dr.J.Shyamala Devi introduced the chief guest, A.Shanthipriya of III B.Com (CA) welcomed the gathering and S.Divyadharshini of II M.Com (CA) proposed the vote of thanks.