World Zoonoses Day and organised a seminar "Zoonotic disease and its prevention"

The Wilmut Club of Biotechnology under the aegis of P.G and Research Department of Biotechnology, J.J. College of Arts and Science, Pudukkottai observed the World Zoonoses Day and organised a seminar “Zoonotic disease and its prevention” on Wednesday (06.07.22).

The talk was given by Dr. A. Nagasathya, Assistant Professor and Head, Dept. of Zoology, Govt. Arts and Science College for Women, Pudukkottai in which she emphasized that the global COVID-19 pandemic has been a harsh reminder of the age-old threat posed by zoonoses or zoonotic diseases, infectious diseases transmitted from animals to humans. Sixty percent of human pathogens come from animals, while 75% of new, emerging and re-emerging diseases are zoonotic. Globally, it is estimated that every year, around 2.6 billion people suffer from zoonotic illnesses and around 2.7 million succumb to these.

Besides explaining the different types of zoonotic diseases, Dr. Nagasathya reminded that COVID-19 global pandemic hit the world unprepared and has shown us all the damaging impact zoonotic diseases can have. By continuing to strengthen scientific R&D on zoonotic pathogens, at the environment-animal-human interface, we can pre-empt these diseases and protect human health and world economies in the future. Students and staff from the department attended the seminar which was followed by questionnaires by the enthusiastic participants.

Earlier, the seminar was opened with the welcome address by Dr. G. Manigandan, Head of the Biotechnology department who highlighted the importance of emerging zoonotic infections and their control strategies to prevent future pandemics. He highlighted that such intellectual cum awareness talk were important to educate people to control the zoonotic diseases. Staff from the department Mrs. Priyadarshini, greeted the chief guest and Dr. V. Jayaramanathan gave the vote of thanks.