Science of today is the technology of tomorrow

The summer’s club biochemistry organized an Intra-Departmental

competition as part of national science day celebration on 09th March 2022. This

day is celebrated to remember the great invention by the Indian

Physicist Sir Chandrashekhara Venkata Raman who discovered ‘Ramans


Educational institutions all over the state would be celebrating National Science

Day on Feb 28th by organizing seminars and discussions on the scientific

contributions of Nobel Laureate Sir C V Raman had discovered the famous

‘Raman Effect’ this very day 94 years ago in 1928 and was awarded the Nobel Prize

in 1930. Since 1987, this day has been celebrated every year as Science Day to

create a scientific temper in the youths. This year’s theme is ‘integrated approach

in science and technology for a sustainable future.’ In this special occasion Dr. S.

Alagumanian, Assistant professor and Head, PG and Research Department of

Botany H.H. The Rajah’s College (Autonomous) Pudukkottai, was the chief guest.

Dr. S. Kanitha welcomed the gathering. Dr. R. Ramesh, introduce the special

guest, Students of Biochemistry, held a special assembly to mark this occasion.

The day began with Introduction of our Scientist Dr. C.V. Raman followed by

speeches. Students participated in various competitions like Quiz, Easy, model

preparation, poster preparation, Rangoli and profile making competition and

innovative projects. Student disguised themselves as famous scientist from

various fields. The special guest distributed the Certificates to the winners of

various competitions.

It was indeed a very knowledgeable day in which the main motive was to

spread a message about the importance of science in our daily life.

Finally, P. Abirami student of Second PG given the vote of thanks.