webinar - An overview of the History of English Literature

The Department of English JJ College of Arts and Science (Autonomous) Sivapuram Pudukkottai organised webinar - Lecture An overview of History of English Literature on Monday 12th July 2021.

Prof Selvi Head of the Department welcomed the participants and briefly introduced Chief guest. The chief guest Mrs Suganya Lilian Assistant Professor of English Prist University Tanjore. Spoke on An overview of the History of English Literature.

In her speech she outlined various approaches possible in the study of the subject. It could be taken up century - wise, movement - wise, or Genre - wise she said that she was going to adopt a eccentric approach. It was such an approach that helped her to clear, SLET once, and NET twice. She was trying to adopt the very same approach in her teaching also.

Giving practical orientation to her well documented speech she proceeded to a discussion of the sort of question, that are commonly asked in NET & SLET and similar Competitive Examinations. She advised students to do focussed reading and cultivate the habit of note-taking and frequent revision.

She also clarified the doubts raised by the students. She recommended a literary and linguistic quiz programme as supplementary activities in online and offline teaching. In fact the resourceful teacher could do a great deal to make students clear such examinations and tests. Dr S Chitra Assistant Professor of English proposed the vote of thanks.