A special lecture programme on " Soft skills for IT Professionals” was organized by the Cybertech Association of the PG and Research Department of Computer Science on 30.11.2021. Dr.C.Balakrishnan , Assistant Professor, Alagappa Institute of Skill Development , Alagappa university, Karaikudi was the resource person.

Dr.C.Balakrishnan shared splendid ideas about the recent trends of hiring professionals into IT industry. He gave an outline about the need for soft skills in IT industry. He motivated the students by saying how to stay positive even in tough times. He gave excellent tips to the students for searching jobs and preparing for it. He gave various placement opportunities in different sectors and how to prepare for the interviews.

He also described about hard skills and also the difference between sot skills and soft skills. He also said learning soft skillsis a continuous process. While talking about softskills he said about the challenges of work- life balance. He astonished the gathering by saying softskills is 92% important to get rid of interviews.

The interaction with the students in the middle went on very well and students were interestingly participating. He also explained the issues and challenges faced by the youth in current day society and said how to face it. He gave ample information about Correct, concise, concrete, complete, clear, courteous and considerate.

He insisted the important attributes of soft skills as problem solving, communication, creativity, determination, flexibility, leadership and negotiation. He also enforced the importance of the qualities responsibility, time management, flexibility, decisiveness and conflict resolution. He came out by saying creativity encompasses imagination, forward thinking, strategy, open mindedness and analytical skills. He kept on explaining by saying passion and determination leads to success.

Leadership is the art of motivating a group of people to act towards a common goal. He forwarded to explain leadership is a set of qualities such as strategic thinking, ability to work under pressure, attention to detail, project management skills and desire to keep learning. The students gave very positive feed back, they interacted very eagerly and got all their doubts clarified. Ms. Shyamala of I MSc Computer Science welcomed the gathering and Ms. Sri Nivetha of IIIBSc Computer Science gave vote of thanks. The participants eagerly asked their queries at the end. The webinar was arranged by the utmost cooperation of the staff of the department and at the outset it was a big success.