guest lecture programme on “Animal Handling for Biological Research “.Department of Biochemistry

The summners club of Biochemistry, J.J.College of arts and Science,
(Autonomous), Pudukkottai. Organised a guest lecture programme on “Animal
Handling for Biological Research”. Professor Dr. G.Archunan UGC, BSR Faculty
fellow Department of Animal Science, Bharathidasan University as the resource
In his lecture he explained briefly about animal handling for various
biomedical research, he also taught the method of using various animals for
various research and explained the importance of doing such research for the
He also enlightened the students regarding the various reputed institutes
which could be chosen for doing research. Also he briefed about the various types
of fellow ships available for the students for carrying out research . He also
cleared the doubts of the students patiently.
After delivering the lecture Dr. G.Archunan gave Hands – on training to the
students on animal handling taught then regarding the handling of animals,
differentiating the sexes collecting blood sample and urine sample etc.