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Emblem and Motto

The coat of arms of the College bears a temple, a biochemical experimental set up, the structure of an atom, a Thirukkural Book, a computer, a lamp and a human chain with boys and girls together with the motto "Confidence leads to success" written on an open book.

The College endeavours to open up new vistas of knowledge and instill in the minds of the students a scientific temperament and hence the bio - chemical experimental set-up, the atom and the computer. These also reveal that Biotechnology and Computer technology are essential components of modern life to which the students of this college would be exposed.

Science is a complementary and not the contrary side of Arts. Knowledge is complete only when both Arts and Science are mastered. Hence, the book Thirukkural, the epitome of life and literature which stands for refinement and aesthetics is embossed. The figures of boys and girls forming a human chain indicate literacy mission and that the institution is co - educational. The lamp stands for the spreading of spiritual light dispelling the darkness of ignorance. The temple denotes the totality of life and also signifies that "J.J. College of Arts and Science is a Great Temple of Learning."

To achieve all these goals, the vital factor that is absolutely necessary, is "Confidence" and hence the motto "Confidence leads to success".