Department of Microbiology

The Department of Microbiology was established in the year 1994.

During the curriculum planning phase, we will consider factors that might complement or hinder our lesson curriculum. We are responsible for ensuring that our curriculum planning meets the students' educational, regional, national and global needs, and that the materials used are current and comprehensible.The Skill-based courses offered by our department areMushroom Technology, Vermitechnology, Medical lab Technology, Biofertilizer Technology etc., for the development of skills and building a entrepreneur.

The study of microbiology contributes greatly to the understanding of life through enhancements and intervention of microorganisms. There is an increase in demand for microbiologists in India and globally. A microbiologist can innovate new diagnostic kits, discover new drugs, teach, research, etc.

The Department stands for its academic excellence by making the students to explore new horizons in Life Sciences through various national and international conferences and Seminars. We are proud that we have been achieving University Ranks in both UG and PG level for every year.

The best platform is provided by organizing various National and International Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Guest Lectures in current aspects of Life Sciences. We also conduct regular outreach programmes "Spirulina - Super Food" among rural school students. Special interests on extracurricular activities are motivated through Intercollegiate meets conducted in nearby colleges. We also used to conduct Intercollegiate meet - "Micromiracle" every year which is a unique feature of our department.

The latest concepts and understanding in research was developed by providing minor projects for PG students which helps in sharpening students's knowledge. To enhance high quality lessons since they have potential to increase students' motivation, connect students to many information sources, support active in-class and out-class learning environments, we are using ICT tools such as smart classes with LCD, Projector, Video classes, E- Contents, Google classroom, online platforms such as Google Meet, Webex etc., All the faculties have published papers in well renowned journals.

Contact Person

Name : Dr.P.JEEVAN
Designation : Head, Department of Microbiology
Contact No. : 8903586609 / 9791886609
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