Alumni Association

The alumni association of the college was started in the year 2003 and promptly registered (Reg.No.117/2003). It had 822 members to begin with and every year old students eagerly join the association, motivated by their love for their Alma mate.They do so during the annual graduation day or when they take their transfer Certificates. Many of the alumni are in constant contact with their departments. Now the association has 18,210members and their number sure to increase with a passage of years.
There are Annual general body meeting to synchronize with the graduation day,the alumni meet more often as and when registered. Quite often there are group meetings of the alumni of particular programmes so that the old students get a chance to relieve their youthful days in the campus.
The association plays a dynamic role in the growth and wellbeing of the institution. They have instituted gold medals for the rank winners of various Programmes, Scholarshipsfor deserving meritorious Students etc., besides contributing to the successful organization of placement initiatives. The distinguished alumni visit the college and share their success stories with present students to inspire them to greater dedicated effort and confident performance. In a way our alumni serve as brand ambassadorsof the JJ culture of dedication and devotion to duty.

Objectives of the Association

  • To help the students who are financially constrained
  • To assist physically challenged students.
  • To provide incentive to students who possess good academic records especially for economically weaker sections
  • To enlighten students on higher studies and career opportunities
  • To create social awareness among the students.
  • To enhance the infrastructural facilities in science laboratories and sports facilities
  • To provide books for Department Libraries.
  • To award students who excel in academic activities and sports in order to encourage them.