Web Development - An Insight

A special lecture programme on "Web Development - An Insight" was organized by the Cybertech Association of the PG and Research Department of Computer Science on 03.08.2022. Dr.Ramah Sivakumar, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, Bishop Heber College (Autonomous) ,Trichy was the resource person.

Dr.Ramah Sivakumar shared splendid ideas about the recent applications for web development. She explained the historical development of web technologies and also inspired the gathering by saying the high need of web applications now - a- days.

She gave ideas about how to make use of web technology for business, to create social identity, to promote industries like health, transportation, IT and entertainment. The resource person added flavours by saying the viability of web technology in the industries of recreation. She appended her views on web technology like the types of web technologies, the front end, the languages used for designing front end, back end, the need for a back end in websites, the scenario of front end and back end and the full stack of web development.

It was compelling when she gave tips about maximizing Returns of Investment (ROI) in the field of web technology. She enlisted various application areas of web technology such as Education, Hotel Management, Tourism, Construction and Real Estate, Entertainment etc. She allured the students by devising the skills needed for web development. She also added the advantages of being a web developer.